Comics Bought and Sold, Grading Advice

I’ve been involved in comic collecting since the mid 1960s. I’ve owned thousands of books over the years and am noted in some of the early price guides as submitting many rare and previously unrecorded comics. I still collect comics, mainly buying and selling on ebay, which I’d recommend to anyone as the easiest way to sell a collection if you have the time and experience.

While I am not a professional grader, I have graded comics since pre-Overstreet days, and I know how to grade accurately.

I don’t want to appraise or grade collections under most circumstances, but if you’ve got and odd lot you don’t know what to do with, I sometimes buy them for resale, and I’m always happy to give people a general idea of what their stuff is worth and the easiest way to sell it, either how divide it into single issues or lots for eBay or I can recommend a fair dealer, all of whom I’ve bought from for years

I’ve done this for several small accumulations and one major set of file copies over the last few years and everyone’s been very happy. Feel free to write about any comic related items, including advertising material, photos, comic strips, toys, etc.