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Presidential Comics

I once had the delusion of writing an article on presidential comics.

So I started getting references and doing reading before bogging down in the realization that it’s just too much work.

To do the subject justice you’d have to read all the books here and more, as well as reading a ton of scholarly material to get an objective idea of how well the various comic book biographies were handled within the context of available information about various presidents and the public’s general opinion of them, etc. And the simple fact is it would take hundreds of hours and produce pages and pages of mostly uninteresting facts and examples for an audience that has probably read enough comics that they have a general idea of what a Dell biography of Barry Goldwater is going to be like

Nonetheless, it’s an interesting subject to read and research and I wouldn’t want to discourage anyone from reading and collecting comics, so I decided to put up a gallery of presidential and related political comics here. Some of these are pretty good, some are pretty scarce, and you know which ones.

(political comic cartoon president presidential Washington Lincoln Roosevelt Teddy FDR Herbert Hoover Truman Stevenson Eisenhower Ike Nixon tricky dick JFK Kennedy John Robert RFK Ted Teddy Edward Joe Carolyn John johnjohn Marilyn Monroe killed by peter lawford Warren Commission Report Gemstone File Aristotle Onasis Lee Harvey Oswald Jim Garrison Gemstone Report Ronald Regan Ollie North cocaine and guns LBJ Johnson Martin Luther King Jimmy Carter Jerry Ford Bill Hillary Clinton George Bush Al Gore Barak Obama John McCain Commercial Comics Dell Classics Illustrated Four Color USIA U.S.I.A. United States Information Agency Suitville Md Maryland SDS Students for a Democratic Society Radical America Comix Komix Underground Newspaper Class War Death to the Fascist Insect that Feeds On the Life of the People non fiction comics history historical propaganda supreme court united states senate house of representatives democracy democratic republicans (republicans suck) economic meltdown of 2009 reganomics voodoo economics J Edgar Hoover New World Order Kissinger Trilateral Society Bilderberg Group Bohemian Grove secret homosexual indoctrination skull and bones freemasons Masonic orgy of death insect overlords ku klux klan American nazi party George Lincoln Rockwell, sncc sds students for a democratic society plot to kill fdr the pope labor unions conspiracies shape shifting reptilians patricia shupe object object Michael shupe paranoid schizophrenics call 4 investigation seattle scan 9-11 truth committee sword of truth oral roberts


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