Art and Leisure Productions

Art and Leisure

Art and Leisure packages comic books for artistic and commercial purposes.

In my 25 years in the comic book industry i have worked with some of the top talent in the field.

I can guarantee top professional involvement in any of my projects

If you need a professional comicbook package, please contact me for specifics

Pencils and Inks by Tom Christopher

Pencils by Ron Lim, Inks by Tom Christopher

Pencil art by Tom Christopher

Finished art by Ron Frenz, Josef Rubinstein and Tom Christopher. Lettering by Grass Green


Ink Roughs (below) by Bill Whipp

Dinosaurs (below) also by Bill Whipp

Stan Lee and Thor, below, by Josef Rubinstein

FIRST DAY, below

Written by Tom Christopher and Eric Wolfe.

Drawn By Tom Christopher with finished artwork by Diego Barreto and Josef Rubinstein.

Colors by Laura Abela,

Letters by Jim and Camryn Keplinger

Winner of the 2013 International Labor Communications Association award for best non-regular publication.



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