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this comic has only been up here a month and already it’s getting a lot of hits, so i want to editorialize a bit.

there’s been a traditional split among progressives about voting.

one side can be summed up by the one-line joke that’s doubtlessly as old as democracy; “i don’t vote, it only encourages them”, and there are very real reasons why that’s true and they’ve been articulated elsewhere.

i believe in voting because it’s a tool we have and we  should use it. if american democracy wasn’t real why would the republicans go to such lengths to steal and delegitimatize it? people have died for the right to vote, not only in civic elections but to establish democracy through labor unions, both here in north america and internationally and we do harm to ourselves and a great disservice to our history not to use whatever tools we have to use the resources of society to solve the inequities of society.

‘the greatest good for the greatest number’ is what the knights of labor said in 1880.

‘an injury to one is an injury to all’ said the industrial workers of the world in 1905

the republicans have stolen every election they’ve won since 1968. the LBJ library has the evidence of nixon’s back channel deal with the viet namese, regan made a similar deal with the iranians to get into office, which turned into ‘missiles for drugs’ and funding an illegal war, regan and bush should have both been in jail for that. the only reason regan wasn’t prosecuted was because his Alzheimer’s made it impossible, and the senate had a 1983 report on the savings and loan crash showing the involvement of the bush crime family, which they buried for bush #1 to get into office. next we have bush #2, 2000, and if you don’t know how corrupt that shit was, from republican vote-rigging in florida to the supreme court fix, you’re gonna get to join a secret army and help save slaves from hillary clinton and the pope and your big prize is donald trump, and all his international criminal buddies.

i’m writing fast, and all that might sound crazy or fake news, but if you take some time and check original sources for those stories, you’ll find what i’m writing is accurate and was reported at the time

i do believe democracy, and also that the capitalist system is geared toward the rich and the very rich, but democracy is real, that’s why trump is trying to destroy the post office and why the whole of the republican party is digging in and proposing all kinds of anti-democratic constitutional end-runs around either a popular or electoral college majority, while questioning the very possibility of fair elections. and even in the last week since i wrote this into he’s gone totally crazy and is demanding the arrest of biden, hillary, obama.

trump is a fascist and we need to vote him out. i hope you will register to vote and help in this work.  we need to have a landslide win to show that the american people reject the agenda of trump and the swamp he came out of

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