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This is the personal site of Tom Christopher.

As an artist I have been involved in Fanzines, Underground Comics and the New Wave comic movement, but I am probably best known for my seven year run as inker on Marvel’’s Silver Surfer comic, the most successful version of the character.  Since then I have worked on a variety of titles from Marvel and DC including Spider-man, X Men, Superman and Batman.  My work has been reviewed in the Comics Journal, printed examples of my work are archived in major collections such as the University of Michigan, and some of my originals are in the Royal Library of Alexandria.  I have worked as part of a team  on books that have won Eisner and European awards, and have recently received an award from the International Labor Communications Association for Best Non-Periodical Labor Publication; the comic book First Day, which I produced for the IBEW 1245.

As a writer I have written the definitive biography of Beat Generation writer Neal Cassady and documented early comic book history, doing seminal research on African-American comics and commercial and educational comics. I have been published by the Oxford University Press, Beat Scene Magazine, Steamshovel Press, Comics Buyers Guide, Charlton Spotlight, Comic Book Marketplace and Comics Journal. Portions of my non fiction work are in the permanent collections of universities, libraries and manuscript archives, including Stanford, Yale, and the Denver Public Library Western History Collection.

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